Dedicated to Azby Auguste Chouteau III (1915-1994), from whom much of this information was gathered. Many thanks to Deanne Schlaugies Rathke for additional research and help creating this site. Site maintained by Marcel Chouteau. Plus signs indicate marriages, arrows indicate children. Clicking on a link will take you to a page centered on that name, showing their parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren. Every page has a "Back to Main Trunk" link in the lower right corner that will return you to this page.

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Chouteau Family Tree

Pierre Chouteau
b. 16??

Frances Mocquois

Etienne Chouteau
b. 1658

Jeanne Plumant

René Chouteau
b. 1688

Marie Sarazin

René Auguste Chouteau

Marie Thérèse Bourgeois

Auguste Chouteau

Marie Thérèse Cérré

Henri Pierre Chouteau

Clémence Georgina Coursault

Henry Auguste Chouteau

Julia LaForce Papin Deaver

Azby Auguste Chouteau

Cora Baker

Azby Auguste Chouteau Jr.

Ellen Mary Wharton

Azby Auguste Chouteau III

Catharine Harriet Morgan Phyllis Avino
Azby Auguste Chouteau IV Douglas Meriwether Chouteau Patricia Thérèse Chouteau Denis Headen Chouteau Peri Ann Chouteau
Mary Stimson Battley Alice Jane Knutson Richard Michael Schlaugies

Marcel Richard Chouteau

Michele Nicole Chouteau

Garth Huntington Chouteau

Zachary Morgan Chouteau

Deanne Schlaugies

Nona Lee Schlaugies

Richard Michael Schlaugies Jr.